Does your organization wish to outsource their permit process and management?

DWC is here to assist with your warehouse permitting needs. As the supply chain industry continues to grow, so does the number of municipalities that require permits for storage over 7ft. high.

Our turnkey permitting management services allow customers to seamlessly began using new builds at the completion of installation in most cases. We work closely with your municipality to ensure the customer is updated with the status of the progress on a weekly basis.

DWC handles the following items from start to finish: Completing all of the necessary forms, gathering any authorizations needed, submitting the application(s), following the permit through the approval process, handling corrections as necessary, and delivery of the permit directly to the customer.

After the installation of your build is completed a trained member of the DWC staff will walk the job site along with the customer to generate a full inspection report if required detailing any concerns based on our findings before scheduling a final inspection. Most final inspections are completed the following day of the DWC walkthrough. 

The requirement of permitting the below items continues to grow throughout the country. We work directly with your local planning and development committee to ensure a timely return to start the installation to sign off approval.

Most permits require the below items and we are here to help with everything you need: