Planning & Operations Design

Maximize Your Facilities Productivity, Profitability and Adaptability

As warehouse design consultants, we seek to understand all aspects of your supply chain, product characteristics, storage needs, growth plans, and fulfillment processes. These key aspects will influence the warehouse design and provide a data-driven direction toward developing facility design options. Our solutions are innovative and are based on industry knowledge and key strategies. A properly designed warehouse does more than simply maximize storage space, it also allows employees to work at their peak productivity by reducing paths that goods need to travel. DWC will deliver detailed 2D and 3D designs, along with a detailed bill of materials that provide our customers with a visual understanding and a list of equipment to achieve a cost-effective build. 

DWC has established relationships with leading material handling manufacturers allowing us to provide solutions based on capacities and best practices while keeping your budget and lead times at the forefront of our designs.

Whether you’re trying to optimize a space of thousands of square feet – to millions we can help turn your vision into reality. Our customers range from general contractors, dealers, architects, commercial real estate firms, and large & small businesses.

5 Key Principles in our design process: