5s Warehouse Layout Implementation

Are you looking for a 5S Lean Workplace?

DWC is here to assist you with your 5S visual management and layout.

Many of our customers have found success in following 5S, a lean strategy used to help eliminate waste, optimize productivity and increase workplace efficiency. From warehouses and distribution centers to complex manufacturing operations, the principles of 5S can be applied in any industry for a cleaner, safer, and more organized workplace.

Proper labeling plays a foundational role in keeping warehouse areas organized to help eliminate the inefficiencies and organizational waste that the 5S methodology was established to counter. Adding warehouse labels to bins, racking and shelves is a cost-effective, easy solution to implement.

Striping and marking warehouse floors are another way to enhance your 5S program. Properly striped floors help warehouse workers safely use equipment like lift trucks, keep bulk storage items neatly organized and ensure that space is used efficiently. 

The Pillars of 5S

#1 Sort

Sorting through materials and tools to determine which are necessary vs. unnecessary, with the intent to remove any unnecessary items from the work area.

#2 Set In Order

Organizing and identifying the remaining necessary materials and tools for ease fo use and access.

#3 Shine

Cleaning the area of any dirt and debris.

#4 Standardize

Establishing a daily process to complete the sort, set in order, and shine pillars. This ensures you maintain the cleanliness and order created during the initial 5S event.

#5 Sustain

Turning 5S into a habit to sustain the initial gains in productivity and safety, while also maintaining wast reduction efforts.

Proper labeling by defining home locations throughout your facility will provide a streamline flow allowing you to operate efficiently and safely on a daily bases increasing your bottom line.