Site Selection

Are you in the market for a new space to help meet your everchanging customer demand?

DWC offers a layout design service to ensure our customers are acquiring the right amount of space and to plan for future growth to help better plan for the future. Not all existing prebuilt industrial space is the right fit due to existing fire suppression infrastructure, proper foundation support, adequate dock door availability, strict municipality restrictions, building column spacing, and many more key factors that should be considered. DWC’s industry knowledge allows us to provide solutions that might not seem possible based on square footage and clear ceiling height until the proper layout is proposed based on the customer’s process flow and storage capacity.

Are you moving your operation to a new location and looking to utilize all your existing equipment to a new facility? DWC will conduct a full audit count of existing material and provide a layout based on your newly acquired space. During the process, a safety audit will accompany the audit count providing you with a true inventory of each component that is deemed safe and able to be reused. We work with our customers to ensure a proper move that reduces the customer disruptions of daily operations during this stressful time. 

Our services provide you with a piece of mind that you are making the right decision before committing to your new space.